Well good news, we had set ourselves a target for January revenue and we blew past it!
We made 142.5% of our target revenue. Our costs were close to inline with expectations (+11%)!
And critically revenue > costs!

What does this mean?

Well it means we’re on the right track with our model. We’re going to keep our February and March estimates in line with our original plan but I’m quietly confident we’ll blow through them.


2 thoughts on “THANK YOU ALL”

  1. Hi!

    I think you’re doing great.

    Let me throw out some suggestions:
    – show the active subscriptions in the client portal (expiration date, invoices, …)
    – enable the ticket-based support system in the client portal
    – let the customer manage the NFS whitelist in the portal
    – communicate the archive storage speed limit on the product page (I’m currently hesitant to order)

    Keep up the nice work!
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      We’re working now to add invoicing/billing into ispconfig. It does have a billing module which we’ve used but getting that integrated into Stripe will take some work on our part.
      That work’s underway now.

      Hopefully the ticket system works next weekend. It’s something we do use in-house but we’ll see if we can get it customer facing.

      The NFS is a bit more complex, we’d have to make some security decisions on that and we’ll look at it. I could see it being controlled via the ticket system we mentioned above.

      Archive’s limits are ~300Mbit upload to us ~50Mbit download from us. However we can provide a temporary space for your first upload at 10Gbit and then migrate that to Archive.

      Thank you again for the comments and the business!

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