Outlook.com blocking email from a large range of folks including Lima Labs

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Lima labs have a small number <16 IP addresses in Canada that we use for among other things hosting our email server. Apparently someone with IP addresses near ours BUT NOT US was a source of spam and it appears Microsoft blocked the entire range.

It looks like we’re collateral damage and so far trying to reach out to Microsoft has been well… yeah… no….

If you have an alternative email that isn’t hosted at outlook.com I strongly suggest passing it along to sales@circlenet.us. We’ll continue to work to resolve this but the block is NOT on our side.

Update: There is life in Redmond! They have opened a ticket and are “working to resolve the issue”
Update 2: Finally we made contact with someone who understood they were blocking us and that we weren’t the intended target. The block should be lifted and email should now be flowing between Lima Labs and Microsoft outlook.com customers.

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