S3 and Archive update

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Good morning all, we’re 85% through filling our Archive orders that came in YESTERDAY before we put up our SOLD OUT sign! Thank you for the support, we hope to have more capacity available first thing Monday.

Now onto S3!
Thanks to the early alpha pioneers we’ve learned a lot and we’ve made a crucial decision. All S3 data will be triply redundantly stored. That is all S3 data will be in at least 3 CEPH OSD nodes in at least 2 data centers. This will add to the cost but I think the performance, and the safety will outweigh the increase while still keeping us competitive.
We’re now aiming for a release price point of $4 per TB and the first edge nodes will be in Europe followed the next week with Canadian edge nodes.

Update: The smallest blocks are now back in stock. More to come as disks arrive and are installed/tested/deployed.

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