Crazy week == Crazy sale

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OK this week has been a LOT nuts, from a rush to signup for Archive space to a Canadian based storage server deciding it wanted to consume pools we had in France. It’s been interesting. Next week will be much more boring (we hope).

In response we’re going to have a crazy week sale. Starting Sunday 4/18 and ending Sunday 4/24 new high speed blocks in the Micro, Tiny and Small sizes will be half price for 3 months and then will return to the regular rates. The standard rates are below for reference.

Micro Block1 TB$0.005SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$5.00 Monthly
Tiny Block5 TB$0.003SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$15.00 Monthly
Small Block10 TB$0.0025SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$25.00 Monthly

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