June 8th update on Chia

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We’ve ejected around 500TB of Chia farms from our service in the last 24 hours. They are currently not able to “farm” and are in the process of offloading their data. We expect to have them all by today and are writing analytical code that should give us an early warning if something similar happens.

I wanted to make it clear that I am not at all upset by these people’s entrepreneurial spirit and since until recently we had no policy against it their use of our system. However going forward it isn’t something we can be accept and still provide quality service to the rest of our customer base.

Thanks to our hosting partner in Canada new SSDs should be in place this morning on the six servers that were impacted over the weekend and we’ll be bringing them back into the fold.

We are going to add a limited number of new customers today, we aren’t ready to go full steam again yet.

PS: I’m REALLY happy we purchased drives when we did, I’m under an NDA on exact numbers but our costs would have been at least 40% higher now because of the Chia demand.

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