June 9th update on Chia

We’re continuing our efforts to offload the Chia user data this morning. We aren’t going to add any new customers until we’ve finished getting this done. Speeds should continue to improve as more of this data is lifted off and good SSDs can be put back into useful service.

2 thoughts on “June 9th update on Chia”

  1. ugh I guess I tried to sign up at the wrong time. I had an issue getting the payment email and now I have to wait until these Chia people leave the movie theater.

    I hope to get in soon.

    but hey I bet the performance will be blazing fast with them gone!

    1. Sorry about all of this, it really has been our craziest month ever. We haven’t forgotten you we’re just working 18 hours a day at them moment weeding out the farms :-).

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