Drastic anti-Chia steps

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For the next week we will NOT provision any block larger than 50TB to any user that hasn’t been a customer for more than 60 days. Also we’re reaching out to those who use our service as part of their resold offerings, if we have a reseller who has repeat Chia happenings we will terminate that customer’s account to protect everyone else’s service quality. This isn’t something we want to do but at the moment we’re left with little choice, the farming must stop.

A bit of an update on how complex this has gotten.
We had someone who signed up for our service via a compromised server in the EU.

This person signed up for four small accounts ~50TB each under different names.
They then created files on each service of aprox. 48TB
They then used these files to assemble what looks like a Unix LVM over loop over SSHFS.
They then formatted this cobbled together LVM and started farming on it.

I…..I…… I was impressed… and needless to say we pulled the plug.


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