Chia update and drive arrivals

Good morning all, just a bit of an update from Lima land here on where we are this Monday.

It looks like are anti-Chia approach is working, we’re being extremely aggressive in pulling down any Chia related services including some larger customers who haven’t been doing the best job in policing who they share or resell their Lima service to. As a result I think we’ve had our first 24 hours of normal network traffic in weeks.

We expect more SSD disks to arrive in the UK on 7/10 with an expected install date of 7/12. This should greatly increase the speed there. We only have about half the size of cache that we’d like in front of the UK pools and they are getting hit very heavily.

We expect more physical spinning HDDs on 7/27 but perhaps those could come a little earlier if the shipping gods smile upon us. Again as a result of Chia our order to delivery time has gone from a predictable 3 days to a “Maybe you’ll get it in 45, maybe 60”. This should also improve things globally.

We aim for 70% usage on our ceph OSDs typically ordering at 68% but with the lag in drive orders that usage has crept up an average of 72%. We’re watching this level closely and if we aren’t able to get our drives delivered before it hits 75% we’ll commit two spare shelves of disks we have in reserve.

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