CDN options

In addition to our backup service Lima Labs operates a global content distribution network. This network was built to server Open Street Map tiles to mapping apps worldwide but has grown to provide service to a Large number of additional content types. If you’d like to make your Lima content available on our CDN network talk with us

Lima Labs currently has CDN nodes active in the following locations

Dallas Texas
London England
Mumbai India
Sydney Australia
Toronto Canada
Warsaw Poland

Some rules:
NO PORN. Seriously I have a small child who I’m introducing to Lima Labs so we aren’t your distro path for this.
NO ILLEGAL CONTENT OF ANY KIND. That is content that would be illegal in the United States.
If you expect your content to be controversial TALK TO US FIRST. We may recommend Cloudflare as a front end in place of our service.
Lima Labs can and will at our sole discretion choose not to host content that we find offensive. I know this is broad but it’s the easiest way to say it.