Do I need a Contract?

Can we scale up?
YES!, we can scale to Petabyte sizes.

Can I try it now for free?
Yep, we’re offering 25 GB of free storage space.

How do I get the free account?
Goto our pricing page below and fill out the signup form, leave 0 in the how much data do I want to store and type “Free trial” in the special request section. It takes about 2 hours for the accounts to be created and then you should get an automated email with login info.

Do you sell in fixed increments or per byte like some other providers?
We do sell by block, when you signup we set aside however much space you opt for and do charge for the full space if it’s used or not. We aren’t really setup to bill by byte used especially since the actual usage fluctuates so much, many of our clients use us as a live filesystem and might have 3TBs of data at 9am, 2TB at noon and 4TB again by 5PM.

What happens when I fill a block?
The system will send a warning email when your within 1% of filling the space. When you hit the limit for what you’ve purchased the system will refuse to store any more data. It’s impossible to overrun and incur any extra charges. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase a huge block upfront, nothing says you can’t start with 1TB and add more later we can expand a storage space upon request and shrink one at the next billing cycle.

I have a special need how do I ask?
Email sales@lima-labs.com. If you need 100 NFS clients, a dedicated entry node, mirrored data on both sides of the Atlantic…. Just ask 🙂