We have ZERO contracts, upgrade your capacity at anytime downgrades are applied the first of the following month. We sell storage in blocks ( called beans) of 1,5,10,25,50 and 100TB. We invoice monthly. Access your storage via SCP or NFS*.

High Speed Live Filesystem (Extra Large blocks require 48hours setup).

Data Storage requirementsData storage per blockPrice per GB/monthAccess optionsRate
Sub Micro Block250GB$0.0075SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP$22.50 Yearly
Micro Block1 TB$0.005SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$5.00 Monthly
Tiny Block5 TB$0.003SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$15.00 Monthly
Small Block10 TB$0.0025SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$25.00 Monthly
Medium Block25 TB$0.0022SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$55.00 Monthly
Large block50 TB$0.002SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$100.00 Monthly
EnterpriseCUSTOM$0.001 or lessYesTalk to us!
* NOTE NFS access requires a static IPv6 address
We are sold out of Large and Extra large blocks!

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