We have ZERO contracts, upgrade your capacity at anytime downgrades are applied the first of the following month. We sell storage in blocks ( called beans) of 1,5,10,25,50 and 100TB. We invoice monthly, the first invoice will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in the month divided by the total number of days in that month. Access your storage via SCP or NFS*.

High Speed Live Filesystem (Extra Large blocks require 48hours setup).

Data Storage requirementsData storage per blockPrice per GB/monthAccess optionsRate
Sub Micro Block250GB$0.0075SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP$22.50 Yearly
Micro Block1 TB$0.005SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$5.00 Monthly
Tiny Block5 TB$0.003SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$15.00 Monthly
Small Block10 TB$0.0025SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$25.00 Monthly
Medium Block25 TB$0.0022SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$55.00 Monthly
Large block50 TB$0.002SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$100.00 Monthly
Extra Large block100 TB$0.0015SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP/NFS$150.00 Monthly
EnterpriseCUSTOM$0.001 or lessYesTalk to us!
* NOTE NFS access requires a static IPv6 address
We are sold out of Large and Extra large blocks!

Archive Storage (SOLD OUT for months,these prices are for reference only)

Data Storage requirementsData storage per blockPrice per GB/monthAccess optionsRate
Sub Micro Block500GB$0.0025SSH/SCP/SFTP$15 Yearly
Micro Block5 TB $0.002 SSH/SCP/SFTP$10.00 Monthly
Tiny Block15 TB $0.0015SSH/SCP/SFTP$22.50 Monthly
Small Block50 TB$0.0010SSH/SCP/SFTP$50.00 Monthly
Medium Block100 TB$0.0009SSH/SCP/SFTP$90.00 Monthly
Large block200 TB$0.00085SSH/SCP/SFTP$170.00 Monthly
Extra Large block1000 TB$0.0008SSH/SCP/SFTP$800.00 Monthly
EnterpriseCUSTOM$0.0007 or lessYesTalk to us!
* NOTE NO NFS access available speeds limited.

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